Departmental Details

Name of the department

Power Electronics



Year of starting




1st year of approval by council

2008 749-87-104(E)/RC/95, 17/7/08

Year Wise Sanctioned Intake



To create an environment for proliferation of socially responsible and globally competent Power Electronics Engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs.


1. To develop state-of-the-art laboratories and well-equipped academic infrastructure.. 
2. To motivate faculty and staff for qualification up-gradation, and enhancement of subject knowledge. 
3. To promote research culture and consultancy work. 
4. To strengthen linkages with Industries. 
5. To reinforce concern for sustainability, natural resource preservation and social responsibility. 

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1. Graduates should be able to design, test, verify and suggest modifications in Power Electronics Circuits and Systems for the benefit of humankind.
2. Graduates should be able to contribute in the development of new technology.
3. Graduates should be able to work independently on a project or as a team leader.
4. Graduates should be able to guide his/her subordinates technically as well as non-technically to complete the assigned task within specified time frame.
5. Graduates should be able to continuously update his/her knowledge, skills from the readily available learning resources such as Internet, Hand-on-books, research papers, technical journals etc. 

Program Specific Outcome (PSOs)

1. Sound knowledge of active and passive electronic devices, various basic and advanced laws governing power electronic circuits and systems.
2. Analyze and design power electronic circuits and systems, suggest and develop power electronic systems/solutions for real life problems.
3. Operate and make use of test and measurement equipment, latest simulation tools and develop programs for power electronics engineering related problems.